Urban Movement provide personal training and wellness services for staff members of the Waitemata DHB.


Utilising the on-site fitness facilities, Urban Movement works with both individuals and groups to create tailor-made training plans suited to your goals.

Our team combined have over 20 years experience between them training a range of clients from first-timers to professional athletes.

Whether your goal is to get healthy, lose fat, build lean muscle, improve mobility or all of the above, our team can work with you to achieve the body you desire.


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Richard has devoted the last 8 years to mastering all aspects of the fitness industry from elite personal training at all levels, managing premier fitness facilities, to health & fitness consulting with the Waitemata District Health Board.

Richard’s career has been built from the ground up starting as a fitness instructor in a large corporate gym, to personal training elite athletes, to even working with disabled individuals. He has successfully managed multiple large corporate gyms and has worked with over 6000 people.

Richard’s experience in the corporate market is second to none and his wealth of knowledge in the corporate wellness sector gives him amazing insight and ability to get the most out of busy corporates in their hectic lifestyles. He looks at health holistically and coaches everyday people to be their best and healthiest selves.



Curtis began his own fitness journey at the age of 15.Through many mistakes, hardships and 13 years experience he’s experienced first hand the do’s and don’ts of achieving your ideal body goals.

5 years ago Curtis started as a personal trainer, putting to use his passion and years of experience so that he could give back to everyday people looking to improve their health, increase their strength, speed or overall happiness.

Curtis strongly believes results start with a well thought out plan that’s enjoyable and fits in to the your everyday life.


I decided to invest in a personal trainer after years of not seeing the results I wanted. I’m now thoroughly satisfied with my progress! Richard is not only a trainer, but a coach. He inspires you to succeed and to strive for your goals. Whether the objective is building strength, weight loss or increasing endurance, Richard makes you believe you can achieve it! I never really liked working out but now I have a different attitude towards exercise and if I miss a day, I can’t wait to get back!

Emily Reid


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